Wedding Photo Sneak Peek.

We got a few photos from our awesome wedding photographer: Heather Ahrens. We were so happy that she was not only available to shoot our wedding on New Year's Day, but that she was excited about it! She's really a great photographer whose blog I loyally follow (you should too if you like photography!). We… Continue reading Wedding Photo Sneak Peek.

Sigh of relief. (+ Our wedding video).

I cannot put into words how absolutely phenomenal it is to be married. Don't take that to mean that every moment is perfect; it's not. But, I'm with my best friend... I wake up next to someone who I can tell when I'm afraid, who I can be completely vulnerable with... someone that brings home… Continue reading Sigh of relief. (+ Our wedding video).

guest blogger: while the happy couple is “playing” in mexico

hello! when lee anne and john asked me to be a guest blogger i couldn't figure out for the life of me what i would write about. i have a photoblog but that is a little different from this. ha! let me start with lee anne....i have known her for a little over 2 1/2… Continue reading guest blogger: while the happy couple is “playing” in mexico