Wedding Photos

Our wedding photographer was Heather Ahrens, HA! Photography. She’s awesome. She’s got a ton of personality & a great attitude. And as you can see from our awesome photos (in NOT awesome lighting at the last minute thanks to the rain) she has some serious talent as a fantastic photographer.

Today, she posted some of our photos and our slideshow to her website. 😀

Here’s the link to her post, and we’ll post some of our favorite photos here soon.

Wedding Photo Sneak Peek.

We got a few photos from our awesome wedding photographer: Heather Ahrens. We were so happy that she was not only available to shoot our wedding on New Year’s Day, but that she was excited about it! She’s really a great photographer whose blog I loyally follow (you should too if you like photography!).

We wanted to share them with you.
Check it out!

The two most important men there have ever and will ever be in my life: Daddy & Husband. 😀 

Yep, those are tears. I am SO HAPPY to be marrying my best friend. 🙂

The whole gang, goofy as can be with our New Year’s themed sunglasses. 😀 2010! WOOO!

The MRS! 😀

And, last but certainly not least:

The Happy Couple:

You can see our slideshow online here:

And next week we should have all the photos!
I can’t wait to see the rest! 😀