It’s become what I promised it wasn’t.

Yesterday, I realized that what I promised wasn't procrastination had become just that. In all my doubts about sharing my research about vaccines... & how to best reveal my heart in the process, & our conclusions about vaccines for our family, I've gotten to a point where I, just, so don't know how to begin that… Continue reading It’s become what I promised it wasn’t.

It’s not procrastination, I promise.

John pointed out that I'm no longer writing a blog post {or even series of blog posts} but that I'm writing what's clearly turned into a research paper.I want to give good, solid information.I have to admit that it's very hard to do.It's hard because I've spent the last 3 months doing research on this… Continue reading It’s not procrastination, I promise.

Vaccines, A Preface & Disclaimer

Finding out that I'm having a baby has been the biggest motivator {ever} to do all those things I've always thought I might like to do one day {except when it comes to traveling, but, I digress}... Okay, so maybe all of those domestic things I never thought I'd ever do but always thought admirable… Continue reading Vaccines, A Preface & Disclaimer