It’s become what I promised it wasn’t.

Yesterday, I realized that what I promised wasn't procrastination had become just that. In all my doubts about sharing my research about vaccines... & how to best reveal my heart in the process, & our conclusions about vaccines for our family, I've gotten to a point where I, just, so don't know how to begin that… Continue reading It’s become what I promised it wasn’t.

It’s not procrastination, I promise.

John pointed out that I'm no longer writing a blog post {or even series of blog posts} but that I'm writing what's clearly turned into a research paper.I want to give good, solid information.I have to admit that it's very hard to do.It's hard because I've spent the last 3 months doing research on this… Continue reading It’s not procrastination, I promise.

Vaccines, A Preface & Disclaimer

Finding out that I'm having a baby has been the biggest motivator {ever} to do all those things I've always thought I might like to do one day {except when it comes to traveling, but, I digress}... Okay, so maybe all of those domestic things I never thought I'd ever do but always thought admirable… Continue reading Vaccines, A Preface & Disclaimer

Flawed & Fatal

Humans. We're all flawed, and in fact, we're all fatal. We're deadly to our surroundings. Obviously, as there are ample examples, we are deadly to our environment. We're consuming and destroying at an unbelievable pace. We're deadly to the people around us with our selfishness. We're deadly to them by killing the earth that we… Continue reading Flawed & Fatal