It’s July. That means:

♥ We’ve been married for six months.

June’s over. Whew. What a month.

⊗ Much of our family is moving at the end of the month.
(Mama & Papa Roque & all the brothers)

♥ We’re a little less than 5 months from littlest Roque’s birthday.

We’re getting raw dairy products bi-weekly.

⊗ We’re quickly approaching yet another American holiday.
American holidays always make me think of Jesus. And Jesus for President.

♥ We’ll spend time with family because they get together on all holidays (& I love that).

We’ll spend time with MB & her hubs, and Ben & DB.

We have our one ultrasound.

We’re a bit closer to when my sister moves to California.

We’ve got 3 birthdays in our family this month.
My Mom & the youngest & oldest Roquemore siblings (BJ & Dana)!

I’m definitely going to take a photo of the belly & will possibly post it to Facebook/the blog.

♥ John says: “We really live in Lakeland now. We’ve been here six months. We’re no longer “new.”

The Musical Roquemore starts his couch tour.
(& Hopefully launches a website with the assistance of us).

We’re going to see Blue Man Group. For John’s Birthday. Which is in August.
He’s wanted to go as long as I’ve known him. I must make it happen.

*** ♥ Hearts brought to you by the happy things that July brings.
*** ⊗ These things brought to you by the sad things July brings.


Two of my most favourite friends Skyped with me yesterday, and we set dates that they’re going to come visit me. YAY!

(They did, however, choose my husband’s birthday weekend. Poor guy. He’s such a sweetheart, & a trooper.)

I can’t help but wonder what the beaches will be like when my friends arrive in August.
How long will it take the oil to reach our beaches?
Of course, we can get over to the other coast pretty easily if the west coast beaches are contaminated with oil globs.

I looked at a few hundred photos of the oil spill on a news site this morning, and I can’t help but think that it’s so much bigger, so much deeper, so much more of an impact globally than the initial thoughts on it.
It has to be, because everything is connected.

Amidst these photos, there are all sorts of hate signs against BP, which I understand, but the thing is, BP really isn’t the problem. (Not that they’re innocent, by any means.)

They’re responsible for this ONE devastating situation. (1 of 100 in as many years)
So am I. Continue reading “B**ches”