The Whole Ultrasound Story.

I'm still in complete shock about our little baby. We saw the little one wiggling on screen for us on Monday. Baby Roque waved at us, wiggled little toes, sucked a thumb... & it was the coolest moment of my whole life. We saw a little heart beating oh-so-fast: 154 beats per minute. We turned… Continue reading The Whole Ultrasound Story.

Why I Write. (Part Two)

Warning: I think this will be a long post, but I'm really hoping that it will be worth your time to journey with me. Inspired by the last post, thanks to Dallas Clayton, here are my thoughts on why I (want to) write. At some point during this fantastic friend and family filled weekend, I… Continue reading Why I Write. (Part Two)

Rhythm of our Lives

I think if I could choose a soundtrack to my life, it would be a blend of Alexi Murdoch, Iron & Wine, and of course, The Beatles. Tonight, we were watching what is perhaps my favourite film of all time, "Away We Go." There's a scene where the female lead, 'Verona,' is singing her niece… Continue reading Rhythm of our Lives

7 Days!! And seven places we will miss in Orlando….

Merry Christmas!!! It's only 7 days until our big day. We're so excited that it's crazy! I was telling John this morning how it all just feels so unreal. The familiarity of loneliness still lingers on occasion and so it's easy to forget that I'm about to become one flesh with another person. I decided… Continue reading 7 Days!! And seven places we will miss in Orlando….