Beep, beep…

{That’s supposed to be a busy signal…}
Because that’s what this Thursday is: super busy.

I am driving to Orlando early on in the day.
Meeting, lunch, meeting, time with Mom, Nomsa Laundry Days, Nomsa Thursday dinner & Bible study.
Then drive back to Lakeland at like, 10 p.m.

{Side note: the laws were changed yesterday & it’s now illegal to feed the homeless in Orlando, again.}

Anyway, since I don’t have much time for a real update, it’s going to be

Random Thought Thursday

Our dresser broke. We need a new one.
I want: an ice cream maker, a sewing machine, & especially: nice kitchen knives.
I have  bags/baskets of toiletries & cleaning supplies to give/throw away. Any takers?
Our futon is driving me crazy. I’m ready for a real couch.
We had new friends over for dinner tonight.
{We kinda met via the blog, but, as it turns out, have lots of friends in common.}
John is currently playing a new song on the guitar.
This song comes from a list we’re making of songs we’d like to sing to Baby Roque from day 1. {or, before.}
John felt the baby kick, for real, tonight. Super cool.
I’m almost done with my first real WordPress theme customization.
The last couple of weeks has been the most amazing as far as community goes.
{Real conversations, comfort around people to be vulnerable & honest, more people in our lives…}
I hope my car makes it through the day. It wouldn’t start yesterday.
Today, we received our 100th comment on the blog. {Not counting spam.}

& Random Thought Thursday brought to you by John

If I played guitar 4/7 days a week, I’d probably be pretty good.
It will be strange {when the time comes} to see my wife not pregnant anymore.
Education without action is pointless.
Jesus wasn’t American.
I struggle daily between the things that will effect littlest’s physical world vs. littlest’s heart.
I need to take my shirts to be dry cleaned.
It amazes me how little time it takes to clean as you go.
Also, how little time it actually takes to just clean something that’s messy.
My favourite part of sleeping is dreaming of my wife.
My favourite part of waking up is seeing her face, first thing.
My newest favourite thing is the baby’s “dancing” to whatever we’re listening to.

PS – John’s now singing “Your Body is a Wonderland” of course, he’s improvising…
About how I need to get off the computer, how we don’t sleep through the night.
He’s the cutest.

Mama Circle

John & I have high expectations for our “days off.”
Expectations that we’ll tackle a huge to-do list of things that remain undone from our to-do-lists from days, weeks, months, years, and {seemingly} lifetimes past.
So, when it’s 4:30 p.m. & all the day has to show for itself are amazing conversations, we struggle to not be stressed by that.

I went to Mama Circle today.
Mama Circle is, well, really what it sounds like {at least to me}.
Some other expectant Mamas, some new Mamas, & experienced Mamas all come together to talk about Mommyhood. {Okay, so today I was the only expectant Mama. Because the other one had her 5 day old with her!!}

We talk about so many things from birthing to babywearing, breastfeeding, diapering {or not}, vaccinating {or not}, pediatricians, food, & so much more. It’s a place for moms to come & learn more about a lot of natural parenting options as well as to just be supported & encouraged by other Moms about the reality of motherhood.

It’s been one of the few places I’ve felt really able to be honest about what I’m learning about parenting stuff as well as to ask questions about things I’m uncertain of about parenthood.

It’s a beautiful little community being built.

Of course, every time I get together with other mama(s) {at Mama Circle or otherwise}, I am reminded of just how incredibly fortunate I am to have the fantastic husband that I do.

Often, mamas talk about the lack of support they’re getting from their husbands about researching natural parenting things, food/health related options, & things that fall into {what we call} the category of “outside the norm.” I have what a friend at Mama Circle {who has met my husband} calls a husband of a completely different breed. Which is, oh-so-true. Continue reading “Mama Circle”