Random Thought Thursday

This Random Thought Thursday is more like: Random Thought Process Thursday. So much to say I'll break it up into categories. Ha! . Thoughts on Thank You Notes I'm the WORST at thank you notes. Like, I have these friends who send thank you notes for everything. EVERYTHING. And it makes me feel awful. Mostly… Continue reading Random Thought Thursday

Lyrics for my soul

{After I wrote the title of this post, I have to admit I thought of the cheesy 90's book series: "Chicken Soup for the Soul." Hopefully this post will not be that.} My sweet husband has been learning new songs on the guitar from a list we've both been making {okay, at least I've been… Continue reading Lyrics for my soul

Random Thought Thursday.

Things that should be known about me:If you're interested, read on.If not, here's an awesome (children's) book you could read instead.In fact, read it either way. Seriously. You'll be so glad you did.And it won't take you long at all. I talk too much.In an attempt to express gladness or excitement, I ALL too often… Continue reading Random Thought Thursday.