What’s Happenin’

John’s done with his traveling. Whew, thank God.
He’s home again! So glad.
However, he’s working the next several Saturdays. ūüė¶

Yesterday, Amelie ‘cut’ her first tooth.
I’ve felt it coming in for awhile – a bump under the gum.
Now? It’s sharp little white edges sticking up, chomping on my finger as she chews to relieve pain.

This is the 300th blog post on WeRoquemore.

This is the 100th day of Amelie365.
{Which, also means she’s been alive for 117 days = 3 months, 27 days.}

Tomorrow’s a big day.
A new journey of sorts, if you will.
Can you guess what it is?
I’ll give you a hint… I brushed my hair for the last time for¬†quite awhile.

Tomorrow, my Dad comes home from India.
I miss that man. He’s been busy traveling & I feel like I haven’t seen much of him.

This coming week, I have a goal to cook several new meals.
And to go on an adventure with flavors. I intend to attempt spices.
I’m generally into pretty bland foods. Poor John is probably pretty bored.
SO, I intend to make his favourite meal as well as venturing into a few other flavor-filled fun feasts.
{Say that 5 times fast.}

This past week, John & I {separately} decided to take seriously attempting to build deeper relationships in Lakeland.
{I’m especially intent on rebuilding one that’s fallen to the wayside since Amelie arrived.}
And we both {separately} reached out a couple of those people.
Funny enough, they were couples.
{Without talking much, he reached out to 2 husbands, and I’d reached out to their wives. Cool how that works, huh?}

Anyway, that’s what’s going on these days.
Thought I’d keep ya posted. ūüėČ

And she remains nameless.

There were several nights earlier on in the pregnancy where I would wake in the middle of the night thinking of  entire lists of names.
John begged me to just not think about it until we found out the gender.
I would try.
And I did.

But, the thing is…
I had 8 baby names picked out before we even got married.
First & middle names. Four boys’ and four girls’ names.

Here they are:  Girls // Boys
Mackenzie Anne  //  Camryn Levi
Skylar Eve  //  Micah Pierce
Eden Laurelai  //  Gabriel Hosea
Harmony Grace  //  John Morgan

I loved these names.
But when I found out I was pregnant, it was like all of a sudden they weren’t going to work.
{Most of them are pretty popular these days AND John informed me he doesn’t want to name a baby after him.}

Here are the two things we look for in a name for the littlest:
Unique & meaningful.

Words are powerful.
{Says the hopeful writer.}
And in modern American/western cultures we incredibly undervalue words & their meanings.
I love words. I love the meanings of words & understanding their roots & origins.

I want baby girl’s name to have significance in that way.
And, we don’t want her to be 1 of 10 kids in her class with the same name.
{John said that was never fun.}

So, our name Journey has been an interesting one since we found out she’s a girl.
Here we go:

  1. Juliette = French, “Youthful”
    Fun fact: for the first 3 months of being pregnant, I had a song stuck in my head about Romeo & Juliet.
    & I do SO love that song.
    And I do so value being young at heart.
    Jesus taught us to be like the little children, and there’s so much to be said for having childlike faith – being youthful is a beautiful thing.
  2. Anaya = Indian, “Completely Free”
    Mhmm. Love that Indian culture.
    Freedom is something I hold dear to my heart. It’s something I’ve been told I had ALL my life, but only began to understand when I met Jesus.
    And it’s something I know to run deeper than anything my country could ever define.
    And I hope to share that with our little ones.
  3. Davina = English, “Beloved”
    Beloved. Ahhh. ¬†That’s the truth.
  4. Verona = Italian, “Truth”
    After I thought of this name {& then researched its meaning} I sat down at my typewriter with tears in my eyes and wrote a really long letter to our baby girl about the importance of Truth. How powerful & precious & valuable it is.
    Needless to say, this is my favourite meaning.
    I really, really like the name “Verona Juliette” but I also think it seems like way too much Shakespeare for one name.
  5. Harmony = English, Multiple meanings:
    “Agreement, accord, unity.”
    Musically,”The¬†simultaneous¬†combination¬†of¬†tones,¬†esp.¬†when blended¬†into¬†chords¬†pleasing¬†to¬†the¬†ear;¬†chordal structure,¬†as¬†distinguished¬†from¬†melody¬†and¬†rhythm.”
    And, Biblically: “An¬†arrangement¬†of¬†the¬†contents¬†of¬†the¬†Gospels,¬†either¬†of¬†all four or of the first three, designed¬†to¬†show¬†their¬†parallelism, mutual¬†relations,¬†&¬†differences.I thought about this name last week & it was stuck on my heart for 2 or 3 days straight. So beautiful.
    I thought of it in combination with so many other middle names: Harmony Skye, Harmony Dawn, Harmony Grace.

John’s favourite? Well, he likes Noxolo. Pronounced, {Noh-(click your tongue)-oh-lho.}
It’s an African word that means “peace.” I met a little girl in Swaziland with this name who changed my life forever.
{But, we don’t live in Africa. And no one would be able to pronounce her name. I keep trying to tell him.}

He also really, really likes Verona (and now Harmony).

I think Anaya & Davina are out at this point, but this has just been our journey of favourites.
I have also liked other random ones:
Ada: Great grandmother’s name, German, “Happy”
Naomi: Hebrew, “Beautiful, Gentle”
Kiva: Gaelic, “Caomh” = “Beautiful”
Allegra: Latin, “Joy”

John’s sister, Dana, really really wants us to use the name Adelaide.
Which happens to be in my spreadsheet of baby names.
Oh, am I only now mentioning that I have a spreadsheet of baby names?
Ya know, just in case she’s born & we haven’t decided.
I want to have several that I already know I like with their meanings & origins & popularity, easily accessible.
Also, I found myself looking up the same name meanings again & again.
Anyway, there are about 30 names in that spreadsheet.

I’d love to have your feedback on names.
{As long as you’re okay that we might reject it completely. I’m realizing it’s impossible to find a name everyone will like.}

How did you decide what to name your little one{s}?
Did you decide before they were born for sure?
Any fun naming stories?