Random Thought Thursday

This morning, I posted “Passion & Pain.”
Then, I realized it’s Thursday.
So, “Passion & Pain” will be posted at 9 am tomorrow.
In keeping with the new RTT tradition.

Random Thought Thursday

on Home
We’re {hopefully} getting our new dresser today.
I’m so grateful we saved some of our gift cards from the wedding.
{They’re coming in handy as we take on new projects & make home more homey.}

on Age
I realized today that I’m only 23.

{BIG shocker, I know. You’d think that my last birthday would’ve tipped me off.}
23 feels really young to me to be having a baby.

on Charity
I’ve started to have a harder & harder time doing what we do at Nomsa. 
Because many of the people who come to serve miss the point –  that it’s never about the food. 
Food, clothes, & shelter don’t even begin to solve the problem of poverty or homelessness. 
It’s a heart thing, it’s a community thing.
The disconnect between my heart & vision for Nomsa and what becomes the ‘norm’

{Because of the indifference of our consumer capitalist culture} 
creates in me a restless discontentment with the way things are.

Here’s a GREAT video on that:

on Community
I talked on the phone with an awesome new friend for nearly two hours yesterday.
I didn’t multitask, I focused on conversation.
And it was fantastic.{Normally, I hate talking on the phone.}
Later when I realized I still had a LOT on my to-do-list, I didn’t feel I’d been unproductive.
I felt I’d been productive, I felt that conversation comforted and restored my soul a bit.
I love how Jesus uses community to restore our hearts like that.

on Pregnancy
Most days I feel huge with this growing belly.
Today, I woke up & forgot, for just a moment, that I had this baby bump.
We found out that our insurance covers home birth. Interesting discovery.
I’m carefully considering the folks that I’d like to present at the time of Baby Roque’s arrival.
{Where ever, whenever that might be.}

on Dreams

I keep having strange dreams.
About sharks swallowing John whole & then his escape through their lungs
{No, I haven’t been watching shark week. We don’t have cable.}
About plays where I’m a main character whose role is switched at the last moment, lines & scenes I’m not familiar with, a costume that I’ve never worn.
About random people I haven’t seen in a long time.
About being in a shower full of spiders.

I’ll end there.
A shower full of spiders is about as random as it gets.

Random Thought Thursday

{& Things we love.}

Years of tummy aches following milk consumption led to no milk in my life for years.
Research about food led to understanding of pasteurization,
which led to buying raw milk from a dairy.
Which led to a sad week when I ran out of milk 4 days before raw milk day.
Which led to an awesome friend giving me some of their extra yesterday.
Today is milk day. I love raw milk day.

We’ve been reading Proverbs. & discussing.
I love discussions that follow Bible reading.

John & I have been squeezing in time for movies lately.
We love movies.

Last night, we watched “Wonderful World” then we laid & talked about it.
We love talking about films.

As we were laying & talking, he kissed my forehead & said he never knew it could be this good.
Me too, my darling. We do so love being married.

In addition to raw milk, I’m getting cheese today.
As well as fresh ground spelt & fresh ground whole wheat flour.
Homemade pizza, muffins, & all sorts of kitchen adventures coming soon.
We’re beginning to love kitchen adventures.

I used to despise grocery shopping.
Now that I get most of my produce from a local organic farm, my dairy from a dairy farmer…
I can really make lists & trips to the grocery store aren’t despised.
AND, I love the trips to the farm, farmer’s market, or pick-ups.
Trips to these places mean community, mean local support, mean relationship.
I love community.

My recent adventures into domestic life have rendered a desire for several things:
A food processor.
A sewing machine. {Check! My sister has my mom’s old one, & she’s giving it to me!}
An ice cream maker. {Check! Coupons & wedding gift cards = no cost to us!}
A bigger kitchen. {Not much can be done about that right now.}
New shoes.

{Quite odd, I know. I’m not much into shoes like most ladies I know. But I want a pair of shoes that aren’t flip flops. In fact, I want these very odd shoes, to be my everyday shoes that I walk around in. But I mostly wear dresses. What an odd match that would be. My friend thinks they’re hideous. I’m sure she’s right. I still love them, though.}

& we need a new dresser because someone broke ours.

{Don’t look at me, I said “someone.”
That’s supposed to imply that it wasn’t me.
Okay, it might have been me.
But it was a really old, cheap dresser.
It needed replacing anyway.
Not that I broke it on purpose, that would just be stupid.}