The Littlest Roquemore

We went to our 19 week appointment at Labor of Love today.

Littlest’s heartbeat was 144 beats per minute.
It was so wild!
It really sounded like little rapid fire punching, & it was louder & stronger than at any of our other appointments.
& The baby was kicking & squirming all the while the midwife was looking for the heartbeat.

We’re so glad & excited that we’re almost halfway to Baby Roque’s birth date.
We had an entire page of questions, like:

– Benefits of a water birth?
– Effects of ultrasound on baby?
– ¬†Circumcision… ?
– Eye goo at birth?
– Vitamin K shot?
– When is the cord cut?
– What can I take for my itchy fingers? {Possibly eczema}

It was great. The midwife I’d seen at all my other appointments is no longer there, {which I knew was coming} so I got to meet the owner of the birthing centers & the first midwife in the state of Florida. Literally, her midwifery license number is 1! And we got to meet Amanda who I’ve heard such great things about & she was with us for our whole appointment. Great. So great. She has four boys of her own & was a great resource for answers to my questions.

We just get more & more excited anticipating the arrival of our little one.

We have our one ultrasound next week, & I can’t wait!

Also, to follow up from yesterday’s post, last night ended up being surprisingly productive.
We visited Marne, I finally made my homemade cleaning supplies. John helped me scrub down the bathroom.¬†We sorted a basket full of toiletries to get rid of, I put away 2 baskets of clean laundry, he played guitar for me & Baby Roque, & we watched the next episode in a mini-series on the history of Rome from the 60’s. {We’re on 10 of 13 episodes.}

Now, I’m off to work on a website for a client & do some homework, &… keep thinking about how excited I am about this growing little bundle in my belly!

PS – Did I mention, the littlest wiggles around like crazy these days? It’s fantastic.
I’m hoping I’ve got awhile of enjoying the wiggles before they start getting painful with little jabs & kicks to the ribs.

Today is the day or Just Do It

If there is one thing I’ve learned about myself since being married it’s that I love to live in the future or the past. If I can’t dwell in the past failures (or successes) then I will work really hard to make things different in the future.

But in everything I come back to realize that today is the only day where I can make a real impact on the past (allowing myself to let go or heal) or the future (to “do the work” or write a blog post). Today is in fact the best time of life to focus in on the most important parts of anything from building a business to loving my wife really well.

Still it’s hard to not get side tracked by all the things I didn’t get done yesterday or have thought about doing tomorrow. And the cycle continues to until I haven’t done either the things left or the amazing possible things yet to come. So looking at today I have this sense of failure and the day’s only halfway done.

No more!!!

Right now (ok when I’m done writing) I am going to finish the work I need to do, work on the current Remarkable projects, read the script I have in manuscript, and Just Do It.