Our Littlest

Dear littlest one,

You steal more of our hearts everyday.
You make me fall even more in love with my husband as I see him becoming a Daddy.

{Each and every time he talks to you through my belly button, each and every time he puts down his book(s) on parenting to talk to me about how he wants to best love you, each and every time he plays guitar for us, each and every time he does his excited dance about you, each and every time he rubs my belly & talks in one of his silly voices, each and every time he prays for you.}

You are coming into our lives sooner than either of us ever expected.
You are the best surprise I’ve ever gotten.
I can’t believe how real you are to me before I’ve ever held you in my arms.
I can’t believe the motivation and inspiration you’ve been to me, to be the best version of me I can be, and I haven’t even seen your precious smile yet.

You’re our littlest, biggest, most life changing, wonderful adventure yet.

Our littlest treasure in the world.

Our favourite teeny human being, ever.
Our littlest, whose wiggles keep hands on belly often.
Our littlest, cutest nose I’ve ever seen.
Our firstborn.
Our littlest, most precious gift, ever.

– Your Mom.
{MOM! Whoa.}

Our littlest:

Wedding Photos

Our wedding photographer was Heather Ahrens, HA! Photography. She’s awesome. She’s got a ton of personality & a great attitude. And as you can see from our awesome photos (in NOT awesome lighting at the last minute thanks to the rain) she has some serious talent as a fantastic photographer.

Today, she posted some of our photos and our slideshow to her website. 😀

Here’s the link to her post, and we’ll post some of our favorite photos here soon.