Baby Wearing & Potty Training

(This was written 2 weeks ago).

I am so grateful to have this time before Baby Roque is born to do research…
There are a million things I have questions about when it comes to the best way to raise our children.
I’m not really a “go-with-the-flow” kind of gal. I like to ask questions, make well-informed decisions, and of course, that means, I think for myself. It also means… I must do a LOT of research in order to be able to ‘think for myself’.

Last night, John & I went to a meeting at the birthing center where Baby Roque will be born.

It was an opportunity to hear other Moms talk about wearing their babies… (You know, those carriers & wraps, slings & backpack type carriers that people wear.) We heard all about the advantages, learned how to tie the wraps, got to try them on, and practice tying & wearing them.

When a local mom who owns a baby wrap company walked in with her naked baby to teach us about wraps, John looked at me and said,

“Is that a naked baby?” Continue reading “Baby Wearing & Potty Training”