Random Thought Thursday.

Things that should be known about me:If you're interested, read on.If not, here's an awesome (children's) book you could read instead.In fact, read it either way. Seriously. You'll be so glad you did.And it won't take you long at all. I talk too much.In an attempt to express gladness or excitement, I ALL too often… Continue reading Random Thought Thursday.

Beep, beep…

{That's supposed to be a busy signal...} Because that's what this Thursday is: super busy. I am driving to Orlando early on in the day. Meeting, lunch, meeting, time with Mom, Nomsa Laundry Days, Nomsa Thursday dinner & Bible study. Then drive back to Lakeland at like, 10 p.m. {Side note: the laws were changed… Continue reading Beep, beep…


It's July. That means: ♥ We've been married for six months. ♥ June's over. Whew. What a month. ⊗ Much of our family is moving at the end of the month. (Mama & Papa Roque & all the brothers) ♥ We're a little less than 5 months from littlest Roque's birthday. ♥ We're getting raw dairy products bi-weekly.… Continue reading July.

First things, first.

This week was a week of firsts. Let's list: First batch of kombucha that's double fermenting on my counter, ready to drink on Sunday! Thanks, Jen for giving me the scoby so this could happen! First jar of kefir that's fermented overnight, ready to drink for breakfast in the morning! (Thanks again to Jen who… Continue reading First things, first.