Hopin’ & wishin’

This is a fun little post.
It’s a list of things I’d like.
Be it actual stuff, or an idea/project/goal/dream.

+ How falling in love is like owning a dog.
An autographed letter pressed poem from my favourite poet.
{Also, just about anything from that page, because I can’t seem to get enough of his poetry.}

+ A water filter for our home.
Because bottled water is garbage. Literally.
And because flouride is poison.

+ Some books.
& Some music.

+ A dozen wooden eggs.
Plain, jane. To decorate when Amelie is older.
And then hide. And then find.
Over & over & over again until we can’t stand the thought of another egg.

+ A puzzle-map of Africa.
So I can learn it.
So I can teach it.
To Amelie. When she’s older.
And we can dream about traveling there & spending an entire night counting the endless stars.

+ An SLR camera that takes video.
Which may actually be possibility if I can sell my SLR & my video camera.

+ Project Purge.
{An idea I borrowed from a friend.}
To slowly empty my life of things I don’t need.
One item at a time. Each & every day.
With a little post on the blog about what we’re getting rid of.
And the option for any blog reader to have that item for the cost of shipping.
{For the items we’re not going to try to sell.}

+ Airline tickets to California to visit my sister & brother in law.
Because they just left. And I already wish they hadn’t.
And one visit per year {with both of them together} is

+ A second pair of these fabulous shoes.
I wear them daily.
Except now, I’d like them to be black.
So that every child I see doesn’t come touch my toes.
{It weirds out their parents. Doesn’t really bother me.}

+ An organizational assistant to come help me rethink our office.

+ To transition to being a shoe-free home.
You know, one where you take off your shoes at the door.
And don’t drag dirt, leaves, mess or toxins through my house.
Where my baby will soon {sooner than I’d like} be crawling around on the same floor.

+ Dreadlocks.
Coming soon, to an already messy head of mine.

+ To write. Daily.
+ To photograph. Daily.

+ To read more.

+ To live as a human being, not a human doing.
To love well the people around me, to create worthwhile things.

+ To inspire other people to create.
Because when you create {instead of destroy} you’re truly becoming the person God created you to be.
And I’d be honoured to join in helping others on that precious journey.

+ To be the best Mama & wife possible.
… The best version of me – the one who fully relies on grace for the promises of God.

{That’s all for now.}
{Pffffft. As if that’s not more than enough.}

What’s Happenin’

John’s done with his traveling. Whew, thank God.
He’s home again! So glad.
However, he’s working the next several Saturdays. 😦

Yesterday, Amelie ‘cut’ her first tooth.
I’ve felt it coming in for awhile – a bump under the gum.
Now? It’s sharp little white edges sticking up, chomping on my finger as she chews to relieve pain.

This is the 300th blog post on WeRoquemore.

This is the 100th day of Amelie365.
{Which, also means she’s been alive for 117 days = 3 months, 27 days.}

Tomorrow’s a big day.
A new journey of sorts, if you will.
Can you guess what it is?
I’ll give you a hint… I brushed my hair for the last time for quite awhile.

Tomorrow, my Dad comes home from India.
I miss that man. He’s been busy traveling & I feel like I haven’t seen much of him.

This coming week, I have a goal to cook several new meals.
And to go on an adventure with flavors. I intend to attempt spices.
I’m generally into pretty bland foods. Poor John is probably pretty bored.
SO, I intend to make his favourite meal as well as venturing into a few other flavor-filled fun feasts.
{Say that 5 times fast.}

This past week, John & I {separately} decided to take seriously attempting to build deeper relationships in Lakeland.
{I’m especially intent on rebuilding one that’s fallen to the wayside since Amelie arrived.}
And we both {separately} reached out a couple of those people.
Funny enough, they were couples.
{Without talking much, he reached out to 2 husbands, and I’d reached out to their wives. Cool how that works, huh?}

Anyway, that’s what’s going on these days.
Thought I’d keep ya posted. 😉