Storytelling as a way to understand life.

"Just the facts ma'am!" We live in a culture that is founded on science, reason and raw data. Most of our days, especially those of working professionals, are full of stats, data graphs, bullet lists and, ugh, PowerPoint. We go to eat something and the box shows us with percentages how healthy this item ranks… Continue reading Storytelling as a way to understand life.

Thoughts on my dad, from a new dada

Wow, what a year 2010 was. After an amazing friendship, I married Lee Anne & then less than six months into our marriage (which has been wonderful) we found out we're pregnant!! The journey to marriage involved standing up to my parents, mainly my dad, and realizing that I am in┬ádesperate┬áneed of wisdom when it… Continue reading Thoughts on my dad, from a new dada

Great Expectations {Birth & other things}

It could be said of me that I set incredibly unrealistic expectations as my norm. It's kind of my way of life. Miraculously, it works out sometimes. But... A lot of times I end up completely overwhelmed because.. I. just. can't. do. it. ALL. Perfect example? I said I would write about all the vaccines… Continue reading Great Expectations {Birth & other things}