Babies, nests, & fish.

Shortly after we made the pregnancy news public, I wrote a post about my heart’s selfish response to the initial news. I love that I took the time to write that, because now, I can write about the current state of my selfish heart & have that to look back on.

We’re 16 weeks pregnant, which means we’re 40% of the way there. Whoa! I can’t believe it.
I’ve got this definite round extension of my belly. I’ve been able to feel a few kicks here & there. I’ve scheduled our ultrasound appointment.

I feel like the last 4 weeks has been all about Baby Roque.
I’ve done more research about so many baby related things than I’ve done research about anything, ever. Every moment I’ve had that I haven’t HAD to be doing something else, I’ve been reading. Books, articles, blogs, anything I can really get my hands on.
And of course, I’ve been talking to anyone who’s around to get their feedback about the research I’ve been doing.

John & I have come to so many conclusions about ways we hope to raise Baby Roque.
(Many of which are really outside the norm of how our culture & society does things.)
It’s been such a cool journey to get really excited about some of these extreme things, be really weirded out by some of them, do the research & decide together what we think is the best thing.

I’ve never known much about nesting, but apparently, much like a Mama Bird would gather all sorts of things to make a nest for her eggs & soon to be baby birds, I’ve been doing my own version of that… Continue reading “Babies, nests, & fish.”