Random Thought Thursday.

Things that should be known about me:If you're interested, read on.If not, here's an awesome (children's) book you could read instead.In fact, read it either way. Seriously. You'll be so glad you did.And it won't take you long at all. I talk too much.In an attempt to express gladness or excitement, I ALL too often… Continue reading Random Thought Thursday.

The Whole Ultrasound Story.

I'm still in complete shock about our little baby. We saw the little one wiggling on screen for us on Monday. Baby Roque waved at us, wiggled little toes, sucked a thumb... & it was the coolest moment of my whole life. We saw a little heart beating oh-so-fast: 154 beats per minute. We turned… Continue reading The Whole Ultrasound Story.

The Littlest Roquemore

We went to our 19 week appointment at Labor of Love today. Littlest's heartbeat was 144 beats per minute. It was so wild! It really sounded like little rapid fire punching, & it was louder & stronger than at any of our other appointments. & The baby was kicking & squirming all the while the… Continue reading The Littlest Roquemore

Babies, nests, & fish.

Shortly after we made the pregnancy news public, I wrote a post about my heart's selfish response to the initial news. I love that I took the time to write that, because now, I can write about the current state of my selfish heart & have that to look back on. We're 16 weeks pregnant,… Continue reading Babies, nests, & fish.