Why, Jesus

I’ve been asked a few times lately,
{and I’ve got to give an extended answer in front of a group next week}
So I thought it was worth writing about.
And I’ve thought that many times before.
So, here we are.
I have no idea, yet, where we’ll go from here.
And it may be a long journey.
But, I think it should be an interesting one {it has been, for me, so far}.
So, if you like, join me.
{But either read all of it, or stop reading. right now.}
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Warrior Woman

BEWARE: Long post.

I’ve been attending this cool workshop for the last few weeks.
I have the privilege of being in the same room with some of the coolest women & hearing them share their hearts for a few hours each week.
It’s pretty terrific.
We’re talking about some hard things, though, so it’s pretty intense, too.
It’s called, “Healing the heart after a challenging birth: unraveling your birth story.”

{So, there’s an answer to the “where’s your birth story” question you want to ask. I haven’t forgotten. It’s a work in progress. It’s hard to process.}

Today, we talked about negative things we believe to be true.
The one I come back to, over & over again, is something that keeps me in a realm of insecurity on a regular basis:

“I’m not good enough.” Continue reading “Warrior Woman”