Life, Africa, & my heart.

Last night, I watched "Blood Diamond" (about the diamond industry in South Africa) with my wonderful husband and one of our good friends, Matt. They had both seen it before, I had put it off for quite a while. Oh, it was an incredible film. The kind of film I would want to be a… Continue reading Life, Africa, & my heart.

One month ago.

We woke up in separate beds. We had different last names. We were excited but without a clue. And one month later. We Roquemore is AMAZING. We have grown. We have learned. We have struggled. We have cried. We have adjusted. We have loved and hurt. We have enjoyed the most incredible gift either one… Continue reading One month ago.

The Middle

The wedding is still three days away but Lee Anne and I aren't really single anymore. It hit me today that I already have the married man awkwardness about other girls when Lee Anne isn't around (less awkward but still there when she is around). My whole person wants her. She isn't perfect, I am… Continue reading The Middle

4 Days!! And 4 books we loved…

Lee Anne's sister (our Matron of Honour, though she prefers to be called Best Woman) arrived in Orlando yesterday to be helpful and present for this week leading up to the wedding. Lee Anne's best friend Caryn (also a bridesmaid) arrives from Austin, Texas tonight! It's FOUR DAYS AWAY! Can't believe it!!! Four books we… Continue reading 4 Days!! And 4 books we loved…