One month ago.

We woke up in separate beds. We had different last names. We were excited but without a clue. And one month later. We Roquemore is AMAZING. We have grown. We have learned. We have struggled. We have cried. We have adjusted. We have loved and hurt. We have enjoyed the most incredible gift either one… Continue reading One month ago.

guest blogger: while the happy couple is “playing” in mexico

hello! when lee anne and john asked me to be a guest blogger i couldn't figure out for the life of me what i would write about. i have a photoblog but that is a little different from this. ha! let me start with lee anne....i have known her for a little over 2 1/2… Continue reading guest blogger: while the happy couple is “playing” in mexico

The honeymoon is over (before it began)

Today wasn't that different than many days for Lee Anne and me. We miscommunicated, there was yelling, hurtful words were shot back and forth and at some point we stopped talking. So many times we have started the day or ended the day like this. Many times the fights start with missing a phone call… Continue reading The honeymoon is over (before it began)