Thanksgiving Part 4

Taking a moment today to be thankful. I am so, so thankful for: 39. Reading Proverbs with my husband this morning. 40. Drinking kombucha with ladies in my living room last night. 41. Being comfortable in my skin with people this week. (Both those at Mama Circle & the ones in my living room last… Continue reading Thanksgiving Part 4

Characters, development, & House

This is my official review of the House season finale. (And more importantly, my thoughts on character development according to what I've learned as of late.) I am writing this, because, as I was telling my husband all about my thoughts on the season finale, he said I ought to write about it. (I'm hoping… Continue reading Characters, development, & House

Wedding Photo Sneak Peek.

We got a few photos from our awesome wedding photographer: Heather Ahrens. We were so happy that she was not only available to shoot our wedding on New Year's Day, but that she was excited about it! She's really a great photographer whose blog I loyally follow (you should too if you like photography!). We… Continue reading Wedding Photo Sneak Peek.