$5 a Day, Film Review

From Lee Anne:
$5 a Day
Yes, I realize it’s an awful cover.
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Yes, I realize it’s not a book.
And yes, sometimes you should definitely judge a movie by its cover.
But, not this one. I’m glad I didn’t.

We watched this film from our Netflix queue on Instant Play through our TV.
I was surprised & delighted at how much I enjoyed this film… I saw the trailer & thought it had potential to be good, but didn’t imagine it would be as good as it turned out to be. We laughed a LOT, cried a :little:, and overall, loved this film.

It’s a hilarious journey between a father & son as they’re taking quite a long road trip together. We, the audience, have the privilege of witnessing their awesome encounters, cons, and all around ridiculousness.

Maybe we loved it because John really related to the son’s feelings about the father in this film*.
Maybe because the actors took us by surprise with their performance.

It’s a random one that I know you haven’t heard of.
But, next time you’re bored & looking for a good watch on instant from Netflix, stream this one.
You’ll be glad you did.
{We obviously are.}

From John:
*The relationship between the dad and son (the main character) is one similar to the relationship I have with my dad now. Growing up I thought my dad was the best. He could walk into a hotel and convince the manager on duty to give our family a free night (during one of our moving “adventures”), this worked because he was “starting a nonprofit to build character in kids…” Now I just realize that he is a smooth talker, someone who can quickly gain someone’s trust as long as they don’t take a closer look at his pitch (he’s been working on this same nonprofit for 25+ years).

I still love my dad as a person but since I crashed and burned in several ways – romantically, financially, and occupationally – it has become clear that the life I so thought I wanted, the one that he lives, is not worth seeking or having. What’s great about the dad in the movie is that you see his efforts to love his son well. It’s not that he is inherently evil, just that his “good” is so far skewed from what true good is that it’s become evil. It is not without effort that the dad lives his life, but it is a painfully apparent reality that he is in desperate need of a change in course, and this is what parallels what I’ve come to see and know of my own dad.

This film had such a great flow and throughout it we see just how much the son wishes he could change his dad and his dad’s con artist ways. As the movie progresses, we experience the difficultly the son has in keeping his resolution, he cares about his dad in a way that makes it impossible for him to give up and move on with his life. In the end we see just how much he has really grown and truly outgrown his childish ways – both learning from his dad and letting go of the ways his dad never grew up… this is my hope for the years to come.

Rhythm of our Lives

I think if I could choose a soundtrack to my life, it would be a blend of Alexi Murdoch, Iron & Wine, and of course, The Beatles.

Tonight, we were watching what is perhaps my favourite film of all time, “Away We Go.”
There’s a scene where the female lead, ‘Verona,’ is singing her niece to sleep to “Mr. Tambourine Man.”
And it dawned on me, I think I’ll sing “Here Comes the Sun” to our babe.
(And probably various other Beatles songs… Although, I may completely avoid Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, due to its intensity, & my husband’s request.)

I don’t know much about music. I’m not a good singer. I have NO sense of rhythm…
But I can close my eyes and remember so many moments of my life that I could match with songs that deepen and intensify the emotion and experience, effectively expressing the depth of the life held together in those crucial moments.

That’s something I love about film.
It’s completely unrealistic that anyone’s life would be set to a soundtrack, but setting a film to music captures and conveys emotion that’s so essential to the development of the story. Often, I think it captures what would be so difficult to get otherwise.

It would be so phenomenal to write my life story and set it to music. Carefully choosing songs that express exactly what’s necessary to develop the story and deepen the characters.

It would be so phenomenal to write anyone’s story and set it to music. Ahhh.

I have about a dozen stories in my head at any given moment that I feel it, I know that being a writer is as much a part of me as breathing. Which I’ve learned means not writing is just as much going to be my lifelong battle as navigating the right way, the narrow path.

I pray that I can focus these stories, the characters, inspiration, & life that are floating around inside me…
And get it all down. Write it, re-write it, throw parts of it away… and read it.