Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

This was found in the drafts section.... {There are like, 90 drafts. I may have to go back through all of those. Thanks to John for encouraging that.} My current feedback about this post follows it. 9:59am 08 October, 2009 John Roquemore, My future husband (Only 85 days away). I fall more in love with… Continue reading Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Thoughts on my dad, from a new dada

Wow, what a year 2010 was. After an amazing friendship, I married Lee Anne & then less than six months into our marriage (which has been wonderful) we found out we're pregnant!! The journey to marriage involved standing up to my parents, mainly my dad, and realizing that I am in desperate need of wisdom when it… Continue reading Thoughts on my dad, from a new dada

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Okay, so there's really only been sweat & tears so far. It's been a CRAZY month. July meant about 20 hangouts with the family in Orlando squeezing in all the last minute precious moments possible before they {most of them} move to Tennessee. It's been put off a bit, so there are still a few trips… Continue reading Blood, Sweat & Tears

The Whole Ultrasound Story.

I'm still in complete shock about our little baby. We saw the little one wiggling on screen for us on Monday. Baby Roque waved at us, wiggled little toes, sucked a thumb... & it was the coolest moment of my whole life. We saw a little heart beating oh-so-fast: 154 beats per minute. We turned… Continue reading The Whole Ultrasound Story.


It's July. That means: ♥ We've been married for six months. ♥ June's over. Whew. What a month. ⊗ Much of our family is moving at the end of the month. (Mama & Papa Roque & all the brothers) ♥ We're a little less than 5 months from littlest Roque's birthday. ♥ We're getting raw dairy products bi-weekly.… Continue reading July.