Mama Circle

John & I have high expectations for our "days off." Expectations that we'll tackle a huge to-do list of things that remain undone from our to-do-lists from days, weeks, months, years, and {seemingly} lifetimes past. So, when it's 4:30 p.m. & all the day has to show for itself are amazing conversations, we struggle to… Continue reading Mama Circle

Baby Wearing & Potty Training

(This was written 2 weeks ago). I am so grateful to have this time before Baby Roque is born to do research... There are a million things I have questions about when it comes to the best way to raise our children. I'm not really a "go-with-the-flow" kind of gal. I like to ask questions,… Continue reading Baby Wearing & Potty Training

Flawed & Fatal

Humans. We're all flawed, and in fact, we're all fatal. We're deadly to our surroundings. Obviously, as there are ample examples, we are deadly to our environment. We're consuming and destroying at an unbelievable pace. We're deadly to the people around us with our selfishness. We're deadly to them by killing the earth that we… Continue reading Flawed & Fatal