One Hundred! (+ your votes)

This is our 100th post on the We Roquemore blog.

I’ve got too many drafts. Drafts I hope to post soon.

John assures me that he wants to start writing for our blog a lot more, because he’s got so much going on in his sweet head.

I’ve got several baby related posts coming your way, but you’ll just have to wait!

We have an appointment on Tuesday where we’ll get to hear the baby’s heartbeat again, and we’re 4 weeks from seeing our little one on the ultrasound screen! Woo-hoo!

For the 100th post, I’d like to get your feedback on something I’ve been seriously considering…

My hair is getting super long, and I’m so frustrated about what to do with it. I’d like to know:

Should I do dreadlocks?

Let’s play myth bustersĀ for a moment before you ‘lock’ in your votes! (Haha, Get my dreads joke?)

Important Myths to Dispel

#1 – Dreads are gross because you can’t wash your hair.
False, you need to wash your dreads regularly.

#2 – You have to shave your head when you’re tired of them.
False, you have to cut off a lot of the hair, but it’s about how short it would be if I did Locks of Love again.

The Dreads Debate: Vote Now

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PS – John really wants me to get dreads… If that’s any help in your voting decision making.