Squeaky Clean.

I’ve gotten a couple of emails asking me how I made my homemade cleaning supplies.

I’m going to be completely honest: I stole recipes from my awesome friend Jen.
{Although, in all fairness, she shared it on her blog, so I think it’s okay.}

I’m actually going to take them from her blog & share with you here.
{Of course, with my commentary & stories. You don’t get far without those.}

But first, let me tell you the story of these cleaning supplies.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought all the ingredients to make them, but {in keeping with my procrastinating nature} hadn’t done it until, well, 10:30 p.m. on Monday night.
I went to brush my teeth, & that was it. I couldn’t look at that shower again. It had to be cleaned.
I refuse to use the chemical cleaners & bleach to scrub our bathroom, knowing the toxicity there.
John willingly cleaned the shower for me, about 6 weeks ago. He’s promised to do it again.
I don’t even want to smell that stuff, though, & how often is he home that I’m not?

See, John & I wear flip flops. Like, a LOT.
Like, our big toes are about an inch away from our other toes because we kinda live in flip-flops.
{Which, I must say, is legitimate since we live in this hellish weather.} This is great.
Except that means the bottom of our feet get dirty & that dirt cakes up on the floor of the shower.
& The shower is my obsessive must-stay-clean-or-I-will-have-a-mental-breakdown compulsion.
{Also, bed sheets. Bed sheets must stay clean, which means our feet must be clean before bed.}
You can see my problem.

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First things, first.

This week was a week of firsts.
Let’s list:

First batch of kombucha that’s double fermenting on my counter, ready to drink on Sunday!
Thanks, Jen for giving me the scoby so this could happen!

First jar of kefir that’s fermented overnight, ready to drink for breakfast in the morning!
(Thanks again to Jen who donated grains for me to start my little ‘pet’ kefir!)

First time making my next batch of kombucha!
Can’t wait to drink more of this delicious stuff!

First time registering for any baby items.
So much fun, it’s really setting in that we’re going to be parents!

First time drinking Fermented Cod Liver Oil (in case you’re curious, it was the cinnamon tingle blend).
Surprisingly not as bad as I expected. Chased it with Simply Orange & Mango juice.
In the future, I think I’ll chase it with kombucha.

First time trying on maternity clothes.

First time going shopping for groceries/household needs more than once/week.

First time experimenting with cooking.

First time I talked to myself, out loud, in public.
I’ve been cooped up in the house alone too much since we’ve lived in Lakeland. Seriously.

First time I wrote about ways we want to raise Baby Roque.

First time I really looked pregnant, fully clothed. (Added by John).