2 Days! And two days that made We Roquemore happen…

This post never got written the day of because of all the moving but I (John) had a couple of minutes and wanted to share.

Day one: The day I realized that love is not only an action, it’s a choice.

God gives us minds to navigate life, which means we don’t always need to wait for “confirmation” or a sign, sometimes we can just see what is going on and move forward with a decision. Many times in my life I have waited so long to act because I wanted permission or to “hear God’s voice.” Although it may seem like a good thing to have these restrains I am very good at over thinking and planning, my struggle is to ACT. The first night I spent time with Lee Anne I knew, I couldn’t explain it and it didn’t match up with my plan, but I knew. In the gap between knowing and acting stood my mental barrier, and Jesus, in His grace, gave Lee Anne the words in a conversation to break through this barrier. With the time we had been friends and knowing already, our dating was more an exercise in patience (and allowing my family to know Lee Anne as my girlfriend). Our engagement was enough time to plan the wedding while still hitting our Jan 1st goal.

Day two: The day my dad doubted me.

My dad and I have had a ton of conversations since Lee Anne and I started hanging out. Before I started dating her, he would ask me on an almost daily basis if we were dating. Then when we started dating we had a lot of talks about dating and possible engagement. During one of these conversations he brought up a point about the difficultly of marriage if Lee Anne and I decided to get hitched. In one of these conversations it just clicked that I was no longer just trying to get my way in asking for my parents blessing to marry her, I was actually/actively loving her well. At a certain point it became less about me finding someone good enough for me and being the guy Lee Anne needed to be married to. This point of change and realization was THE moment that I really decided that this marriage was going to happen.

There you are. Two days that lead to today (which is actually 1 day away, as I finish this post). We are so blessed to have the journey we’ve had. Jesus is so faithful to us.

3 Days!! And three friends who helped WeRoquemore…

It’s been a BEYOND hectic day.

3 friends who helped WeRoquemore.

What comes to mind the most right now is friends who helped us with wedding stuff (because that’s what’s so fresh.)

  1. My Mom (Peggy Rankin) – she has been SO fantastic with all of the wedding details and making things happen. It’s incredible! Thanks, Mom. You’re awesome.
  2. Sherri Johnson – She’s taken over as the florist & helped a TON with wedding and reception planning. Thanks babe! Also, she’s way pregnant, and super adorable.
  3. My Sister (Laura Burch) – She’s been on phone calls with me, she ordered the photobooth for our reception, planned my bachelorette party (TOMORROW!!!! and everything’s still a total surprise!), she’s been here all week to help out with stuff (from Atlanta). She’s been great! Thanks, sissa.

ALSO – 3 friends who helped us as a couple:

  1. Caryn Werner – Lee Anne’s best friend who lives in Austin (they were in Africa together). She’s been so consistent and stable in Lee Anne’s life and has challenged her to Jesus and prayed with her a lot as well as having accountability. She’s been a great friend through everything, and of course with wedding stuff as she’s a bridesmaid and came down 5 days early to help with everything!
  2. Jess Johnson – Although he didn’t really get involved until right before we started dating, he had a big influence in John’s choice to move forward into a serious dating relationship with Lee Anne. John has known Jess for almost a decade and the advice he gave during our dating and engagement really helped set us in the right direction.
  3. David Lawrence – We would not have gotten this far without some help from David. He is Lee Anne “little bro” and asks hard questions, even if they create awkward situations. He has known WeRoquemore long before we became a couple and predicted our marriage first. We will miss him being around so much.

So much to get done. That’s all for now. We love that you are part of our journey, even just reading this post.

We love you.