What’s in the kitchen?

I’ve been making this recipe like crazy.
It’s sooooooo tasty!!!

My dear friend Jillian made this for me right after Amelie was born.
It’s pretty easy to make.
It fills your house with delicious smells.
And it’s soooooo tasty {if I didn’t mention that earlier…}

I’ve been making it a lot lately & people that walk in the house have been asking for the recipe.
As well as people I’ve made it for.
So, here it is!
{Picture taken while soup was being consumed by the sweet Oliver, aka Ollie.}
Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

+ 2 tbsp olive oil
+ 1 med onion, sliced
+ 1 tsp sea salt
+ 3 crushed garlic cloves
+ 1 tsp ground cumin
+ 1 tsp paprika
+ 1 tsp coriander
+ 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
+ 1/2 tsp ground chipotle
+ 1 tbsp dijon mustard
+ 1 tbsp cinnamon
+ 4 cups peeled & diced sweet potatoes {2-3 potatoes}
+ Vegetable Stock OR Water
+ 1 tbsp pure maple syrup
+ 1-14oz can black beans {with their liquid}
+ 1 -14oz can pinto beans {with their liquid}

It’s an easy recipe for me, because I almost always have ALL these ingredients readily available.
I’ve gotten so used to making it that prep work takes about 15 minutes & it takes about 45 to cook.
I usually make a double recipe & freeze some, or take some to someone who’s sick, postpartum, etc.

1. Heat the oil in a large pan/stock pot
2. Add the onion & cook until softened & just beginning to brown. Stir in salt & garlic. Cook about 1 minute or until garlic smells tasty!
3. Sprinkle in spices, stirring to dissolve in the oil.
{ cumin, paprika, coriander, chipotle, black pepper, cinnamon }
4. Add sweet potatoes & pour just enough stock OR water to cover them.
5. Cover the pot & cook over medium heat until tender {about 25 minutes}
6. Add mustard, maple syrup & beans {including their liquid}.
7. Bring to a simmer & cook uncovered for 10 minutes or so, blending flavors.

We sometimes shred cheese over the top & have crackers, bread, or tortillas on the side.


Thanksgiving Part 4

Taking a moment today to be thankful.
I am so, so thankful for:

39. Reading Proverbs with my husband this morning.

40. Drinking kombucha with ladies in my living room last night.

41. Being comfortable in my skin with people this week.
(Both those at Mama Circle & the ones in my living room last night).

42. Mama Circle at our birthing center.

43. Being taught to ask questions & do research.

44. Having a husband who encourages me to do so.

45. Becoming someone I never, ever dreamed I would be.
(I interrupted a conversation between my Dad & John on Father’s Day to note that I was
barefoot & pregnant, cooking
a meal from scratch in our kitchen.)

46. Realizing just how precious this little life growing inside me is.

47. Mason jars to drink cool water from.

48. A growing list of songs that John’s learning on the guitar to play Baby Roquemore.

49. Music.

50. Stories. Stories that connect with my heart.

51. People who connect with my heart & tell me stories.

52. This friend who’s a constant encouragement & a great resource for health questions.

53. ^ Her & her husband as they are a great example to us of parents set on leading their little ones to Jesus.

54. A brother who offered to give us his dresser when he found out ours broke.

55. A social security card that just arrived in the mail with my new name on it.

56. A husband who talks to the baby in my belly and prays for our little one.

57. Laughter.

58. My husband’s eyes.
59. How they look at me with love I couldn’t have imagined.
60. How they smile at me, reassuring me that Love is real.
61. How they see everything I’ve ever dreamed to be.

62. Hugs.

63. Watermelon.

64. My heart’s ecstatic reaction in the moments I realize I’m already becoming a Mom.

65. The ways in which I’m ‘nesting’.