2 Days! And two days that made We Roquemore happen…

This post never got written the day of because of all the moving but I (John) had a couple of minutes and wanted to share. Day one: The day I realized that love is not only an action, it's a choice. God gives us minds to navigate life, which means we don't always need to… Continue reading 2 Days! And two days that made We Roquemore happen…

The Middle

The wedding is still three days away but Lee Anne and I aren't really single anymore. It hit me today that I already have the married man awkwardness about other girls when Lee Anne isn't around (less awkward but still there when she is around). My whole person wants her. She isn't perfect, I am… Continue reading The Middle

The honeymoon is over (before it began)

Today wasn't that different than many days for Lee Anne and me. We miscommunicated, there was yelling, hurtful words were shot back and forth and at some point we stopped talking. So many times we have started the day or ended the day like this. Many times the fights start with missing a phone call… Continue reading The honeymoon is over (before it began)

What’s the Point?

What's the point? Marriage is difficult. It's painful at times. It requires time, energy, sacrifice, and endless amounts of my resources. Even the process of getting married - the ceremony & celebration - is time, energy, and resource consuming. It's overwhelming. There are moments that it doesn't FEEL worth it. (More on actions leading feelings… Continue reading What’s the Point?