It’s July. That means:

♥ We’ve been married for six months.

June’s over. Whew. What a month.

⊗ Much of our family is moving at the end of the month.
(Mama & Papa Roque & all the brothers)

♥ We’re a little less than 5 months from littlest Roque’s birthday.

We’re getting raw dairy products bi-weekly.

⊗ We’re quickly approaching yet another American holiday.
American holidays always make me think of Jesus. And Jesus for President.

♥ We’ll spend time with family because they get together on all holidays (& I love that).

We’ll spend time with MB & her hubs, and Ben & DB.

We have our one ultrasound.

We’re a bit closer to when my sister moves to California.

We’ve got 3 birthdays in our family this month.
My Mom & the youngest & oldest Roquemore siblings (BJ & Dana)!

I’m definitely going to take a photo of the belly & will possibly post it to Facebook/the blog.

♥ John says: “We really live in Lakeland now. We’ve been here six months. We’re no longer “new.”

The Musical Roquemore starts his couch tour.
(& Hopefully launches a website with the assistance of us).

We’re going to see Blue Man Group. For John’s Birthday. Which is in August.
He’s wanted to go as long as I’ve known him. I must make it happen.

*** ♥ Hearts brought to you by the happy things that July brings.
*** ⊗ These things brought to you by the sad things July brings.


Sunshine in the midst of a very cloudy week…

Okay, so not actual sunshine, because I live in Florida, and well, it’s so “sunshine-y” here that I don’t really even like to go outside for about 6 months of the year… but absolutely the metaphorical sunshine on a cloudy day.

As noted in several recent posts, it’s been rough since we moved to Lakeland & especially rough lately with added drama. The hardest thing about all of it has been that we’ve just felt so alone here. I’ve expressed our ache for community.

Last week was the most I’d been around people that were non-family members in a long time, and it was great. Except, they were all new people & there wasn’t any comfort, just gobs of nervousness.

Monday night,
My first florida friend, from when I moved to Orlando in 2006, drove to Lakeland to have dinner with us and it was great to talk and catch up on life. We visited for a good five hours.

Tuesday night,
We did a stay-in double-date at our place. An awesome couple we know, that I’m apparently very comfortable with,  came over and we watched Away We Go which happens to be one of our favourite movies. Afterwards, we talked about all the stuff that’s going on & I cried quite a bit.

I say quite a bit because we were in front of other people, if I was alone, it’d be pretty wimpy crying. Ha! Levels of crying. I need a life!
Oh, wait… that’s where we’re going with this.

I realized how late it was & remembered earlier DB gently reminded her husband, who was busy talking (or more probably listening) to mine, that they had to work early in the morning so we needed to get started on the movie.

I quickly told them the time & then said they should go.
They said, not before we pray together, if that’s okay?
I wanted to cry even more, now for a new reason.
We sat in a line holding hands, husbands on the outside, us girls in the middle, & they prayed with us for me, for us. It was so, so encouraging.
They loved us so well.
And, she cried. I haven’t had anyone cry with me, in, well, I can’t remember how long.

Even more sunshine to come as the week goes on… Continue reading “Sunshine.”