The Art of Follow Through (What’s BPA anyway?)

Lee Anne and I recently watched the film "The Backup Plan" (not something you need to add to your watch list). Besides being a movie that shows just how messed up our culture is when it comes to love, health and especially the birthing process, it also gave me some really helpful things to think… Continue reading The Art of Follow Through (What’s BPA anyway?)

What’s in my kitchen?

Earlier this week, my fantastic friend/foodie & health mentor wrote a post about what was going on in her kitchen. I thought I'd respond with information about the first interesting thing that's gone on in my kitchen since, well, we've lived here. Yesterday, I did some crazy shopping (replacing foods, buying ingredients to make my own… Continue reading What’s in my kitchen?

Babies, nests, & fish.

Shortly after we made the pregnancy news public, I wrote a post about my heart's selfish response to the initial news. I love that I took the time to write that, because now, I can write about the current state of my selfish heart & have that to look back on. We're 16 weeks pregnant,… Continue reading Babies, nests, & fish.

Flawed & Fatal

Humans. We're all flawed, and in fact, we're all fatal. We're deadly to our surroundings. Obviously, as there are ample examples, we are deadly to our environment. We're consuming and destroying at an unbelievable pace. We're deadly to the people around us with our selfishness. We're deadly to them by killing the earth that we… Continue reading Flawed & Fatal