A blogger’s challenge.

Dear “Reader,”
If you read the blog, take a moment to leave a comment.
It does encourage the blogger SO.
See, we have these little graphs that tell us how many of you come to the site every day,
How many posts are clicked, visitors are had & even exactly what states/countries you’re in.

But we don’t believe these little graphs, because surely if they were correct, you’d have something to say!
Speak your mind {errr, uhhh, type it!}.
Let us know what you think of what we’ve said.
Even if your only comment is: I hated it.

We’d like your feedback.
And at least we’d know you read it.
And then maybe, just maybe, the next time we’re tempted not to write at all…
Because the baby’s fussy, because the blogger’s tired, because it’s raining, or because it’s sunny, because our elbow itches or because there’s a chicken in the oven…
Maybe in that moment where anything seems a good excuse to avoid writing, we’ll be reminded of you.
I remember that reader who said, “I hated it.”
And today, I hope to write something they’ll hate less.

Or maybe, just maybe, you even like what we share.
All the more reason to tell us so.
– The “Blogger

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