Random Thought Thursday.

Things that should be known about me:If you're interested, read on.If not, here's an awesome (children's) book you could read instead.In fact, read it either way. Seriously. You'll be so glad you did.And it won't take you long at all. I talk too much.In an attempt to express gladness or excitement, I ALL too often… Continue reading Random Thought Thursday.

Why I Write. (Part Two)

Warning: I think this will be a long post, but I'm really hoping that it will be worth your time to journey with me. Inspired by the last post, thanks to Dallas Clayton, here are my thoughts on why I (want to) write. At some point during this fantastic friend and family filled weekend, I… Continue reading Why I Write. (Part Two)

Things I love (in addition to my husband).

25 RANDOM things I enjoy about life (in addition to my husband) in honor of being married for 25 days. Not in order of importance, but rather, in the order that I thought of them. Tracking packages online. Seriously, I will check it a couple of times per day if I can... If I'm eagerly… Continue reading Things I love (in addition to my husband).

4 Days!! And 4 books we loved…

Lee Anne's sister (our Matron of Honour, though she prefers to be called Best Woman) arrived in Orlando yesterday to be helpful and present for this week leading up to the wedding. Lee Anne's best friend Caryn (also a bridesmaid) arrives from Austin, Texas tonight! It's FOUR DAYS AWAY! Can't believe it!!! Four books we… Continue reading 4 Days!! And 4 books we loved…