Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 4: Finally.

Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 4: Finally.

It’s interesting to me the fascination we {as humans} have with the “Why?” of things.
A life is cut short, a dream is lost, there’s a deviation from what’s good, right, “supposed to happen,” and suddenly everyone’s whispering or at least wondering, “Why?”
“I just don’t get it. What happened?”
Because things don’t just happen for no reason. Somewhere, someone made a mistake.
And I need to know who so I know who to blame.
So I know who to be angry with.
So I later know who to forgive.
{Which, ultimately, inevitably, leads me to needing to forgive myself… Something about this little blame game often leads me back to blaming myself.}

I remember a parable in the Bible {which I’ll probably butcher, so bear with me…} about a blind man.
A blind man who’s surrounded by people that are asking who’s fault it is that he’s blind.
Who sinned that this man would be blind? Him? His parents?

WHO screwed up?!
Because THAT person needs to be punished.

OR, just as frequently…

Because the person wanting to find the answer to the Why question wants to be reassured that things work a certain way.. That things that are “supposed to happen” do. {Unless, of course someone gets in the way.}

does not
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Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 3: A second look.

Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 3: A Second Look.

12 Mar, 2011

I know the question you want to ask me.
You want to ask me if I’d change it.
Well, I have an honest answer.
I wouldn’t.

65+ hours of labor with no medication, posterior position causing intense back pain, only to end up with a c-section at the hospital.

My labor was perfect.
It was beautiful.
I was surrounded with people who were for me.
People who prayed with me & quoted scripture with me.
People who believed what I do about birth, people who trust in God’s design.
I wouldn’t change it. Continue reading “Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 3: A second look.”