Breasts Are Great

Breasts Are A Big Deal

This may might not come as a surprise since we are surround by images, movies and real life situations of woman teasing us with their cleavage. Breasts are used to sell beer, cars, clothing, even completely unrelated BORING things like SEO. Breasts are pushed together, breasts are hinted at by tight and/or translucent shirts and breasts almost spill out of the new default swim wear – bikinis.

But that’s not what I am talking about, I don’t mean the idea of breasts or the look or some ideal of what a woman should conform her body to. What I mean is… Breasts are AMAZING in every way. The thought of giving them any less credit is an insult to women as well as their Designer and Creator.

Think about this, when a new human enters the world there are about 1000 things that change for a man and a woman. They could be married, financially prepared, in a stable extended family, educated in knowledge and wisdom AND still be unable to provide exactly what that new human needs to eat – not just every day but every hour.

Yes, that is right, babies dietary needs can change BY THE HOUR. Wow, and you thought feeding yourself was complicated. What about a person who’s communication abilities are limited to sounds that seem extremely similar. This same person needs to eat several times a day and is totally dependent on you for the entire process.

Pretty overwhelming until you consider that breast milk is the perfect food for baby, even if Mama doesn’t have the perfect diet.

Breasts Come Standard

Did I mention that this food is portable AND free?
Oh and I might not have said it but every mother comes equipped to provide this perfect meal.

In fact, breasts not only are the best way to feed baby, they give us a sense of connection to our own humanity. Rich people can’t purchase real breast upgrades and poor people don’t miss out on giving their children the best food possible.

Ok, so perfect food for baby. Check.
Connection to baby for better relationship. Check.
Attraction from husband? Check.

When I see Lee Anne feeding our baby, giving her warmth, time, attention and connection to that sweet little girl..

WOW – hold me back, because I am way turned on.

Now settle down before you click away in disgust, I didn’t write aroused, I wrote turned on because there is somewhere deeper that comes alive with the viewing of my wife’s body giving life to my daughter. It creates an awe at our Creator and makes me want to be connected to her in the deepest ways.

Breasts are great.

Breasts feeding a baby in bed
Beautiful mama and baby enjoy breast feeding



Responses… how have you devalued breasts? Do you often find yourself seeing breasts as primarily for attraction? What ways does our culture reinforce the perception of breasts as sexual? Who benefits if breasts are only used to seduce men?

Great Expectations {Birth & other things}

It could be said of me that I set incredibly unrealistic expectations as my norm.
It’s kind of my way of life.
Miraculously, it works out sometimes.
But… A lot of times I end up completely overwhelmed because..

Perfect example?
I said I would write about all the vaccines in a helpful, informative, {as much as possible} unbiased way.
I don’t feel like I will ever accomplish that task. Though, I did complete all the research necessary to do so.

I’ve read & researched so many things since finding out I was pregnant.
I started with nutrition & moved on to medical things.
I know all about how devastatingly high the cesarean section rates are in our country {& how scary they are here in Florida}.

One thing I haven’t researched to death is one specific aspect of birth.
When my norm is to set too GREAT expectations… I want to have NO expectations as to how long labor & delivery “should” last.
I want to have no expectations of how it should feel, {though I’ve discovered there is little I can do to change my American mentality about the devastating, overwhelming, impossible pain of the process}.
I want to have no expectations as to what position I should be in when I deliver the baby.
{I have no idea what room in our home I’ll choose to deliver, or whether I’ll be lying down or not…}
I have no expectations as to what my emotional state will be.

I want to set the record straight about something:
I’m not super woman.
I’m not SO brave.
I’m not so strong or courageous.
I’m not so different than you…
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