Rhythm of our Lives

I think if I could choose a soundtrack to my life, it would be a blend of Alexi Murdoch, Iron & Wine, and of course, The Beatles. Tonight, we were watching what is perhaps my favourite film of all time, "Away We Go." There's a scene where the female lead, 'Verona,' is singing her niece… Continue reading Rhythm of our Lives

Characters, development, & House

This is my official review of the House season finale. (And more importantly, my thoughts on character development according to what I've learned as of late.) I am writing this, because, as I was telling my husband all about my thoughts on the season finale, he said I ought to write about it. (I'm hoping… Continue reading Characters, development, & House

Things I love (in addition to my husband).

25 RANDOM things I enjoy about life (in addition to my husband) in honor of being married for 25 days. Not in order of importance, but rather, in the order that I thought of them. Tracking packages online. Seriously, I will check it a couple of times per day if I can... If I'm eagerly… Continue reading Things I love (in addition to my husband).