The Art of Follow Through (What’s BPA anyway?)

Lee Anne and I recently watched the film “The Backup Plan” (not something you need to add to your watch list).

Besides being a movie that shows just how messed up our culture is when it comes to love, health and especially the birthing process, it also gave me some really helpful things to think about. Something that I struggle with is my habit of learning a little, talking a lot, and then making conclusions before I really know what it is that I am for or against. This cycle of getting passionate before I do the research (or even “Google” it) then realizing at some point that I am way off, continues to haunt me, even as I slowly learn more about what really matters.

Of all the things my Dad taught me it was to stand for something; he didn’t really teach me how to make the¬†decision¬†beyond what’s in my heart/gut. So for most of my life, I have been finding things to be passionate about and then leaving them after a time. Interestingly enough, this is something addressed in the film. The male lead mentions having a lack of follow through, in fact he says he is great at starting things but can’t seem to finish them. WOW, that sounds like someone describing me exactly.

Just a few things I have started (a SUPER brief history):

  1. A Pog company. Ok this was a bad idea, but still.
  2. Inline skating: got so close to being good then just stopped.
  3. Saxaphone, played for 6 years! Then couldn’t play in a band and my sax didn’t get touched for 6 months.
    Also see: guitar (an on and off 5 year journey).
  4. The Blu Box – Lakeland’s answer to the House of Blues + The Unpland Improv = 18 months of planning without ever pulling the trigger.
  5. Social media company. “Good Things” Platform: Would have done amazing things if it didn’t end abruptly.
  6. The Film Process and What is Remarkable. Two domains I have had for a while, projects I still have hope for.

Looking at that short list of things (excluding lots of the really short ones) it’s so easy to see how easy it is to find great ideas but how much I struggle to just do the work (like Google BPA to see what it is and why I don’t want it).

With Baby Roquemore on the way this is soooo important. Research, knowing who to trust, and doing the work needed, all roll into the thing I need the most.


Why I Write. (Part Two)

Warning: I think this will be a long post, but I’m really hoping that it will be worth your time to journey with me.

Inspired by the last post, thanks to Dallas Clayton, here are my thoughts on why I (want to) write.

At some point during this fantastic friend and family filled weekend, I was sharing a teeny, tiny bit of my story and I noted that I was a Marketing major before Africa. And more importantly, that Africa totally wrecked my life, and now, that’s definitely not what I want to do or be.

If Africa changed everything, what do I want to do, who do I want to be, NOW?

A writer. Oh, how I do want to be a writer.


Later, as we were driving to Orlando to be with family, I told John about how strange that felt.
How it seems like maybe after Africa I should want to be a nurse or a teacher, or a missionary permanently.
And maybe that’s what people expect to hear when I tell that bit of my story.

Even though I considered those things, I know I want to be a writer. Why? Continue reading “Why I Write. (Part Two)”