Schindler’s List, 50 Films/50 Weeks

Lee Anne: Haunting. Devastating. Inspiring. Beautiful. Incredibly, incredibly well made film. For someone who's seen surprisingly many holocaust films, this one tops them all. It's more vivid. More real. It feels more... True. Absolutely perfect for what it set out to do. Incredible. Watch it. John: Wow. Incredible. Groundbreaking. Truthful and factual. A confession: I… Continue reading Schindler’s List, 50 Films/50 Weeks

A Streetcar Named Desire, 50 Films/50 Weeks

Lee Anne: I did not enjoy this film. For me, it was excruciatingly slow. Though I tend to enjoy dramas more than most other genres... Though I tend to appreciate what I believe to be the reality of hardship... Something about the brokenness of the female lead's character in this film just did not sit… Continue reading A Streetcar Named Desire, 50 Films/50 Weeks