Love and Pain

The pain I am feeling right now is proof that I am slowly learning to love deeply. Being sweet and kind and affectionate have always come easily to me. Most girls thought I was the sweetest guy, unlike their emotionally withdrawn boyfriends, BUT I tend to avoid pain and that means making my love shallow and using destructive distractions.

My normal reaction on a night like this one, alone – missing my wife so much it hurts, would be to spend as much time detracted from the pain. Often this puts me in situations where I can easily be hurtful with what my eyes see or mind dwells upon.

Tonight I have found myself hurting once again but realizing that I don’t want to distract or destruct. Which just leaves pain and a passion that burns. My body and mind long for the moment I can be connected to the one I love…. And only then will I be satisfied. Because the hurt is my heart being stretched over 200 miles, I have let her in completely and it is sooooo good.

Watching this made me smile and hurt a little more.

Amelie’s 1st Birthday Party

Hello Friends!

Coming this Sunday Amelie is having her first birthday party.

We wanted to share with our readers and out-of-town friends/family so I am posting this before the party.

Check back Sunday, December 11th between 2pm to 5pm EST to see video shot during the special event.

UPDATE: Wonderful party for our sweet Amelie. Enjoy the videos we shot during the event and we will be posting some of the photos we were able to get soon.