My Dream Home

I don’t have dreams about a fancy home
I don’t fantasize about specific styles, neighborhoods, fences, or pets
I don’t dwell on decoration. {In pretty much any aspect of life.}
I don’t find myself daydreaming about paint colors or fabric swatches

I do, often, catch myself dreaming about church.
Now, I will be the first to admit that it is literally an act of God to get me out of bed & into church on many Sunday mornings. So, stick with me.

I find myself dreaming about a church community that I could call home.
A place where I would connect to people, deeply, and all our conversations would ultimately be about how it is that we can best live in the light of His truth, in every aspect of our lives. That His glory would shine through us so that decoration isn’t necessary.
I find myself dreaming about a church community where the sounds of children are not only welcome, but are cherished.
I find myself dreaming of a church that doesn’t shy away from the controversial topics, but leans into a discussion that has the goal of seeking truth together.
I catch myself fantasizing about a community where people believe everything is spiritual.
That God’s design is truly sacred, and valuable.
That His command for us to care for His creation is not empty & void, but full of ways to give us more life.

I dream that this community would be such that people are not made to feel insignificant, but valued. That the number of people in the crowd is of no consequence, but rather, that the connection, the vibrance of the community is what is measured & what is challenged to grow.

I dream that this church would use every resource available to better the precious creation around them. That they would seek out children who have no families, and be part of healing their hearts & redeeming their stories forever. I dream that this church would take hold of the responsibility we have to seek out ways to help, ways to provide, ways to love radically in a way that shocks the culture around us.

I find myself dreaming these dreams and waking, aching for it to be real.

I remember coming back to America from India, from Africa, and having momentary bouts of collapse… Feeling as though my heart had been ripped out of my chest in a way that I never dreamed could feel so real. I remember a conversation, with my then friend, John, who told me that I would & should always ache for home. And that some places will feel more at home than others – when I am most connected to my Creator – but that my home is not this world… that it’s a good sign that I would ache for home.

And, oh, I ache for home.
I ache for these dreams to be real.
I long for these hopes of heaven on earth.


What do you dream of when you feel the tension & longing for heaven?


{Written Jun 18, 2011.}

John Roquemore inspired me to take a look at the daily writing prompts being posted over here.
This one by Michael Rad caught my attention.

Abide in the simple and noble regions of thy life, obey thy heart. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write down your top three dreams. Now write down what’s holding you back from them.

First, about why this one caught my attention so: I need self-reflection. I always do. So do you.
I need to constantly be reminded that uploading pictures to Facebook is not what my priority should be for the day.
{Despite what a beautiful baby I have, whose pictures I do always want to share.}
So, given this opportunity to be challenged to think about my dreams – realize them all over again – and ponder what is keeping me from them, or whether I’m in active pursuit of them, seems like a great thing to do. So, here we are. Let’s dive in together.

I dream of being a writer. Of writing things that inspire people, of writing things that challenge people to become more of who they were created to be. Things that awaken questions in the souls of those who encounter them. I dream of writing often. I dream of writing a children’s book that I’d be proud to read my child.

I dream of traveling with my love. Seeing, exploring, adventuring in new places. Taking in all the new things & processing them together. Having little commentary discussions about cultural differences.

{Written to here, in June… the rest was added today.}

I dream of giving birth to our next baby at home… and any ones that come after that baby. And of adopting babies that make our family multiracial, diverse, and so much more beautiful than we already are.

I cannot wait to see the ways these dreams will shape my life. What’s holding me back from them? Hm. Lots of things, but primarily what holds me back is me. Nothing stands in the way of my beginning to pursue these dreams, and if/when I ever see them come to fruition, I’ll certainly be better for having pursued them.