Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 3: A second look.

Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 3: A Second Look.

12 Mar, 2011

I know the question you want to ask me.
You want to ask me if I’d change it.
Well, I have an honest answer.
I wouldn’t.

65+ hours of labor with no medication, posterior position causing intense back pain, only to end up with a c-section at the hospital.

My labor was perfect.
It was beautiful.
I was surrounded with people who were for me.
People who prayed with me & quoted scripture with me.
People who believed what I do about birth, people who trust in God’s design.
I wouldn’t change it. Continue reading “Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 3: A second look.”

Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 2: At first glance.

Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 2.
What I remember, in my mind’s eye, at first glance.

18 Feb, 2011

As I sit to begin to recount the story of Amelie’s birth, the blank page terrifies me. I don’t know where to begin.
All that stands out so clearly in my memory is the emotion I felt when I realized “this is it” on the night my contractions really started – one full week after my “due date.”

I remember waking & going to the bathroom. Something was very different. I debated waking John & calling my midwife, finally, I did both.
I remember sitting at the desk in the office which we turned into a shared space for Amelie’s changing table & bassinet. I sat & began to write bullet points of events & current emotions.
OH! The excitement that my sweet girl would be arriving so soon.
OH! The excitement to experience birth.
I remember the nervousness… hesitations of my heart as I was clearly heading into the unknown.
I even wrote “a little scared about delivery.” I certainly didn’t have expectations of what was to come. Continue reading “Amelie’s Birth Story, Part 2: At first glance.”