I’m Lee Anne Roquemore

This is how I look, in professional photos, wearing makeup, having done my hair, standing with my family. Ten plus years of marriage. Three living children. And a whole bunch of dreams and failures and super duper messy courageous attempts at living an open hearted life. If you see me in my everyday life, there’s a good chance you won’t recognize me, because I’ll look much more messy.

Currently, I am learning to: 

Love myself with the same sort of love I’ve only ever reserved for others. 

Listen to my inner wisdom – that sacred divine which resides within me.

Get off my phone and be truly present in my daily life.
Connect with other humans without social media. 

Run fast enough to catch my 8 year old when we play tag. 

Be courageous enough to love the world in a way that expands it – love in action, not just talk.

Practice gratitude as though my life depends on it.

and (last but not least:) to write.

I love people, books, stories, and relationships. Oh, and chocolate.

I’ve been a photographer for 10 years. Some of my work can be found here at Petal & Vine Photography. I lived in California before I can really conjure up memories. My earliest ones come from my childhood in the Bible belt, just outside Atlanta, Georgia.

I was raised by Christian Missionaries, and I was in church, or chapel, Bible class, Christian school, or youth group most days of the first 18 years of my life. It is because I learned a gospel of revolutionary love from the church that I question, challenge, grapple with what is true and right, who God is, and what that means for who I am.

So before I was a photographer, I was part missionary, part humanitarian in Africa, India, Romania, and with the homeless population in Orlando. Those two parts were consistently in tension with each other as I felt the pull of religious colonialism and the push of my indoctrination. The tug of war between the praxis of Christ and the politics of the Church.

Motherhood consumes a lot of my existence. For now, I homeschool my kids. I try to regularly evaluate if this is best for all of us, but honestly, I’m biased. I’m not very confident as a mother; I struggle to be an authority. Depression is the shadow that follows me around; that which is part of me and is always effected by what I’m eating and how much darkness or light there is. That which is with me through most of my days. Sometimes preventing me from seeing what and how I need to; and sometimes staying completely out of the way.

These are the things I write about.