About Us

This is us.
We’re John, Lee Anne & Amelie.
And, coming soon, Baby Roquemore the Second {coming to our family in August.}

We love stories and people.
We’re on a journey of many sorts – learning to be parents, becoming debt-free, working on projects we enjoy, learning to love each other well in the meantime, & doing our best to pursue Truth & discover what it means to live in this world & not of it.
We’re both passionate about community & discovering truth {as well as sharing the truth we discover}.

I {Lee Anne} have become very passionate about crunchy mom topics such as natural birth, breastfeeding, alternative medicine, healthy food & lots of other things fall into that category. I’m doing my best to learn how to interact with others around these topics, but I’m always hopeful to be honest about what I’ve learned in hopes of having others open their minds enough to at least ask questions.

John’s dream is to be a filmmaker – a Director, specifically – and he’s working toward that each day that we get closer to paying off student loans. Reasonably so, he loves watching films & discussing them. That’s something we certainly enjoy doing together.

I {Lee Anne} have recently started taking photographs for other people, & my passion in this category is for moms & babies. My niche is birth photography, followed closely by truly enjoying maternity sessions as well.

Amelie is an awesome 1 year old who loves music. She loves to dance, read stories, & chase puppy dogs. She enjoys being outside & falling asleep to the sound of rainfall. She’s recently become a big cuddler, much to the enjoyment of her Mama. She is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, so she’s a little spoiled by them, but she’ll soon be learning to share with a brother or sister that will join our family in August.

PS – Go here to follow us on Facebook & get updates first about exciting announcements, new blog posts & other fun We Roquemore details.

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