Permission Granted

This month is perhaps the first time since I’ve been a mother that I gave myself permission to be human. I looked at my schedule and I decided there were a lot of demands on me this month:
my sister coming from California for the first time in 18 months.

Nature school, archery, horseback riding, writing workshop, trauma therapy, writing mentorship. All of these things things I deemed worthy investment of time.

I saw this list and I thought: perhaps I don’t have to try to do everything perfectly this month.

Perhaps ahead of time, I can give myself permission to let the kids watch TV without shame. I can give myself permission to hit up a drive-through when I need to.

I sat inside February looking at March, and said “Lee Anne, you don’t have to be perfect next month you just do your best.”

The house doesn’t have to stay clean. It’s OK if the laundry stays in the laundry baskets for several days. Give yourself permission to write. give yourself permission to be. Give yourself permission to make mistakes, give yourself permission to show up and be present to laugh and cry and just try again… to apologize when you will inevitably yell at the kids. Give yourself permission to make a microwave dinner and smile while serving it instead of punishing yourself inside.

Teach the kids some things and let it be enough at the end of the day, instead of giving yourself a shame sermon about how much more you needed to be.

(And it has been the most freeing couple of weeks.
We are all doing so much better than we seem to do when I strive so very hard.)

2 thoughts on “Permission Granted”

  1. And it’s been a blessing and delight to spend time with you this way! Perhaps it’s that way to be the you you’re supposed to be, to be your very best of your true self …? You certainly seemed more


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