Book Review: The Secret Life of Bees


The Secret Life of Bees
By Sue Monk Kidd

Someone who thinks death is the scariest thing doesn’t know a thing about life.

Several years ago, I watched the film which this book inspired. It moved me. As often happens for me, though, the details faded.

Here’s what I vaguely remembered:
Female lead. Strong female cast. Something about bees. Tragedy. Racism. This is about all I could remember. So when I came upon the book as I was trying to figure out what to read, it felt safe enough to give it a try – I usually don’t like to read books after I’ve seen the film. 

I loved this book. The story is absolutely captivating. 
I thought to myself that I wish I’d read it when I was a teenager; that I’m excited for the day my daughter will read it. 
For me, it read like THE important coming of age story for those girls “who feel too much” that I wish Catcher in the Rye had been. It deeply resonated with me. 

It is the peculiar nature of the world to go on spinning no matter what sort of heartbreak is happening.

I know I’ll read it again. 

If you’re a local friend reading this, it’s part of my library and you’re welcome to borrow it. 

And when you get down to it, Lily, that is the only purpose grand enough for a human life. Not just to love but to persist in love.

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