LENT. Day 9.

For Lent, Day 9, I am sharing the below post from Ryan Keyes-Lee about the importance of supporting black business – especially the arts. Check out what he has to say. And seek out those opportunities.

#AntiRacismforLent #blacklivesmatter #antiracismeveryday
#seekingracialjustice #lent

Ryan Keyes-Lee

Day 3: Support black business; including the arts.

It’s important for white people to understand that things aren’t equal. I grew up in poverty just like the black dude next door to me, but guess what…my life was easier. There are way more advantages and way less road blocks, in my everyday life.

Knowing this, I am intentional in my financial support. I support black-owned businesses and artists as often as possible; a disproportional amount to white businesses and artists; b/c at the end of the day, I’m attempting to balance the scales a little more.

When I see that the majority of my black friends excited about something, like Black Panther, I make sure that I support those things. I get excited for them and make sure that the world sees that when black Americans support something or create something, its magic.

And so, tonight I’m going to see my man Mark Bell play drums tonight. 1 small gesture to support my people.


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