LENT. Day 15.

LENT update.
Life has been crazy lately.
Much crazier than I anticipated. More on that later.

Here I am, catching up on the posting part of LENT some more. The real life parts haven’t stopped. I’ve been having awesome conversations about race in in my daily life. My local book club just met and we discussed “Between the World & Me” which finished this past week.

LENT. Day 15.

Understand more about where you stand in your own bias.

Perhaps start with taking this Project Implicit – Race IAT (put out by Harvard.)

As always, if you learn something new about yourself, or any of these conversations or posts resonate with you, challenge you, or effect you, reach out and tell me. I’ve loved the messages I’ve been getting. I do intend to share more of them when I have time.

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