Dear John. | { Marriage }

Dearest Husband,
There are moments when I’m reminded of the absolute gift I’ve been given in having you for a husband. And in those moments, it’s one of my life’s biggest regrets that I don’t spend pretty much every minute of every day telling you that I adore you. That I treasure you. That it’s my life’s greatest joy {after having been set free in Christ} to have you as a best friend.

I have a husband who’s truly a help mate, and who challenges me to be so. A man who strives to lead me to Yehovah daily. A man who is creative, thoughtful, hardworking, loving, unbelievably patient, and kind. A man who has lived out grace to me.

Knowing you is one of the most wonderful, challenging, delightful, worthwhile, and amazing things I will ever experience.

I love that I get to know you even more as you grow even more into your adulthood – into parenthood – and as you lead our family to where the Lord is convicting you to do so.

It is my prayer that I will properly respect your leadership, that I will appropriately value every. single. moment. I have the opportunity to spend alone with you, and that I will begin to adequately express His love for you, my love for you.

With love, His love,
Your Wife.

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