We are pursuing a life of love by paying off debt then moving into a season of serving (over seas or stateside). Our mission as a family is to bring the love of our Creator Savior to every place we go and every person we encounter.

Love is dangerous. The Simple Way makes us long for a time when people are valued but the way of this world overvalues money, products and all kinds of intangible selfish desires. These lead to a life of apathy and so often our days get swept into busy apathy. We run around doing nothing while we complain about being exhausted.

We long for focus and purpose but we embrace distraction and confusion.

Last night we asked our community to join us as we journey into a season of focus and purpose. The prayer, Bible sharing and discussion was refreshing and stirred our hearts to action. We are blessed with passionate people. Then the enemy attacked me in my dreams, trying to bring sexual dissension to our marriage. And I awoke knowing that He is for us but the enemy is relentless.

We will not stop until Heaven comes. He has already won the victory, we are following Him into the simple way of life and love.

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