Friend. Wife. Mother.

Our journey has been a wild adventure in seeing His work through two broken people. You are still the best friend I have ever known. You make friendship, the deep connection we all long to have, seem like something attainable. Even as Facebook and Twitter have redefined this word you continue to seek out vulnerable connection and honesty in words and actions.

Friendship and companionship are two wonderful things about having you as my wife. Even though we will be tossed around by the work He has for us…. We will be connected in the deepest ways and our marriage will, by His powerful love, become a reminder of the importance for the body of Christ to be united. You are the kind if wife a rogue storyteller needs, someone to have and hold who will work with me to make His Kingdom known wherever we land.

Much has been done to make motherhood a less than desirable position in life. The idea that bringing children into the world or giving them new, permanent parents is has become a “nice thing to do” instead of the epic and vital task given to Eve in the Garden. You are just getting started and there is much to be learned, yet you have grown so much and taught our daughter many good, worthwhile skills and attitudes. As we grow together and our home increases in number, I can put my trust in you as a mother who has her priorities set on His Way.

Really, you just make me want to get up and dance.

Love your face.


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