RSS Remembers Your Blogs

RSS is an amazing way for people who like to read more than a couple blogs to keep up with any updates from those blogs. Basically it is like having your own newsstand with only the content creators YOU choose. With so much going on in the social web, it can be hard to remember exact which sites you want to visit often. When you are reading a blog look for the official RSS icon to see if they offer a “feed” of all the content. The best part about many RSS feeds is they are FREE!

RSS Icon heart
RSS Icon - heart version

Enjoy this video titled RSS in Plain English:

Or visit the Common Craft site to see the newer high quality version of RSS in Plain English (then come back here and subscribe!!)

Subscribe to We Roquemore using RSS

RSS is part of every blog. An easy way to get the website address/URL for an RSS feed is to add “feed” to the end of the site name.
Try it with We Roquemore:

  1. Type in
  2. Add “/feed” to the end
  3. See what our RSS feed looks like

RSS is a great tool to make it easy to read and share stories, news and other blog updates. You can subscribe to the blog feed for We Roquemore and get anything we publish without remembering to visit our site – of course check back and make sure to leave comments on anything you find interesting!

Lee Anne and I use Google Reader for our RSS feeds.

Connect to We Roquemore on Facebook and Twitter

We post new blog entries on Facebook and Twitter as well as miscellaneous updates on our life adventures. Coming later this year we hope to use both sites to share even more of our journey in marriage, parenting and learning the simple way of life!

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