Redeeming Love

I’m reading Redeeming Love for the 4th {?} time.
I cried at a couple of parts the first few times.
Now, this ache swells in me. On every other page.
Tears well up in my eyes, and my heart feels like it may just burst.
It’s not my story. 
But it is.
It’s completely my story.
It’s the way I’ve thought, the way I’ve been. It’s the way I’ve treated God & men.
It’s the way I’ve ached. It’s the way I’ve pushed away, been terrified, and even given in.
It’s my favourite book of all the books I’ve ever read.
{Though, this one is a close second.. it’s in a different category altogether.}

This story, and the way my heart so deeply connects to it, just makes me raw.
It brings up some of the things I live as though I’ve forgotten.
It reminds me that I’ve been so beautifully rescued & perfectly loved.

It’s my love story.
It’s yours, too.

1 thought on “Redeeming Love”

  1. so glad you kept after me to read this book. it often returns to mind and i always recall it fondly. on the list of books i’ll definitely re-read some day. it’s a little bittersweet to me, of course, because i know how much it means to you (and much of why so), but i’ll always be grateful that you and i have the openness and trust between us that we can freely share, even in such painful and burdensome things.


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