Product placement.

{Written 20 November, 2011. Discovered in the drafts folder 2 February, 2012.}


I just got off the phone with a disappointed, stressed out, and slightly deflated husband.
He’s on a business trip & yet again is surrounded by coworkers who are trashed.
Peers from his workplace as well as bosses who are pouring vulgarity out of every pore.
Married men speaking of ways they’d like to treat strangers as their wife since she’s absent.
Drunken idiots driving their coworkers because they don’t value their own lives or any one else’s.

Not much can be done if he wants to keep his job and any semblance of a relationship with his co-workers.

But what I know is that the “goal” of this trip is a ‘blitz’ for a new product about to launch.

Obviously I’m not the key demographic for the marketing that this sort of campaign would appeal to anyway, but, seriously…
Who wants to buy a product from a guy who is falling all over himself drunk, speaking examples that not even his own wife can trust him?

My husband works for this company, and that would normally make me want to go out of my way to support it.
Except I now know the kind of behaviour they incentivize.
And I doubt I will ever buy, endorse, or recommend their products.

And of course, a huge chunk of my frustration is due not just to my husband’s company {and their partner company} but also to corporate America as a whole… Corporate America who has created such norms in the workplace. Corporate America who has created a system which says it’s all good because they’re having a good time.

Except I bet it’s not a good time for the waitress who’s being sexually harassed – even if she does go home with a big tip.
I know it’s not a good time for my husband who’s at a required work function & is the default designated driver because every other person is wasted.

I can also imagine that it’s hard to keep your mind & heart focused on your wife {if that’s your goal} when you’re surrounded by people who want to take you to strip clubs.

I think it’s disgraceful.
And I assume it would make it incredibly difficult to maintain a semblance of respect for your authority figures in the workplace when you know they have minimal morals.

It infuriates me.

Also, I’m ready for my husband to come home.

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